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We think about buildings differently. Not just how they look and function – but the positive experiences they create for their people and communities, and how they can benefit the environments around them.

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Insights | 15th October 2020

Insight: From where I live…

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges – and not only the obvious issues of health and wellbeing. Phrases like social distancing, self-isolation and lockdown have become part of the pandemic lexicon, and they reflect new spatial, physical and psychological relationships
that we need to consider and design for.

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Insights | 13th October 2020

Insight: Designing for Wellbeing in Education

As part of our ongoing research into supporting mental health and wellbeing through better design, our studio director and independent schools lead Dianna Fletcher has put together a brief insights report. It explains some simple ways to support wellbeing in schools, colleges, universities, and other education environments.

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News | 22nd September 2020

Plans Unveiled for a Major New Research Centre

ADP has submitted plans for a major new science and research building in Central Manchester. Commissioned by the University of Manchester, the Christabel Pankhurst Institute will transform the way researchers work together.

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“It was wonderful to work with people who could ‘get inside our heads’ and put our vision into reality.”

– Jane Loomes, Former Headteacher, Jesmond Gardens Primary School