Delamere Support and Information Centre treatment room

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Delamere Support and Information Centre: Friendly, tranquil spaces for cancer support

Macmillan Cancer Support


Interior Design
Landscape Design


Chris Thornton
Joe Morgan


We’ve completed a wide range of projects for Macmillan Cancer Support, but each one brings its own unique challenges and opportunities. In the late nineties we designed the oncology and therapies centre at Halton General Hospital – around 15 years later, the centre’s success led Macmillan to approach us again, this time to expand the facilities.

The new spaces needed to support the hospital’s more clinical environments with a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere. Patients would receive complementary therapies, counselling and advice at the new centre; we had to make privacy and dignity a priority, while also considering materials that would give a comforting feel to the spaces.

Approach + Solution

At the Delamere Support and Information Centre, patients can access complementary therapies, advice and support in a tranquil environment. We designed the therapy rooms with distinctive, pyramidal roofs topped with skylights. This allowed a large amount of daylight to enter the rooms while giving patients the utmost privacy. Timber – both inside and out – gives the building a spa-like sense of tranquillity, while helping reduce its carbon footprint.

We worked hard to make the centre as calming and dignified as possible – right down to the last detail. Patients and their families benefit from high-backed seating in the waiting areas, giving them added privacy, and we made sure that visitors’ first views on entering include glimpses of the green courtyard outside.

Living with cancer is a frightening and difficult experience. Our hope is that the Delamere Centre helps to reduce that fear, and gives patients a safe, welcoming space where they can belong.

“All of the voluntary team – 40 in total, and myself and my assistant – are pleased and proud to do our jobs in such lovely surroundings.”