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24TH April 2020

ADP’s Collaborative Briefing Toolkit

Jon Roylance

24TH April 2020


Higher Education


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ADP undertook a six-month programme of academic research into best practice in collaborative briefing within the higher education sector. The programme was supported by 23 universities across the UK.

From this, we developed our own Collaborative Briefing Toolkit, which combines the best of the knowledge we gained through our research project.

The Toolkit reflects the Six Key Themes that constitute a successful collaborative framework – guiding the design team through a briefing process that is more engaging, more creative and ultimately more effective.

To find out more, please see our short video below or contact our Higher Education Director, Jon Roylance.

ADP’s Collaborative Briefing Toolkit

This video demonstrates how the toolkit works and what’s included.

Written by:

Higher Education Sector Director
Jon Roylance

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