Landscape Design

Our architecture is intimately connected to setting and context, and as such, we view landscape design as an essential and integral element to our architectural work. Incorporating landscape design at the inception of a project ensures we are making the best use of space and consider the whole environment, not just the building. Designing a landscape brings added energy and delight to our architecture, but it also has practical application, too. Our team uses clever landscaping to signal entrances and create spaces that provide an enjoyable experience with opportunities for new activities. Good landscape design considers sustainability, drainage, access, and security. It also tangibly connects people to the outside, with the potential to affect how people feel and interact.

Offering an in-house service means our landscape team is on hand to offer immediate advice. As with our environmental and interiors teams, this is invaluable at the earliest stages of a project, particularly when siting and conceptual design matters are still being debated. In turn, this can make project management and detailed design run more smoothly and efficiently.

Whilst integrating our landscape design into architectural projects is vital, we also offer landscaping as a standalone service.  We are also a member of the Landscape Institute.