Communities can only thrive if they are sustainable.

The complex demands of people and society can often be in conflict with the need to preserve and protect the natural environment in a warming climate. Architecture has a crucial role in harmonising and minimising the impact of that conflict, with the ability to support a healthy and biodiverse environment.

We are continually learning from the buildings we design, ensuring that our process enables the development of low energy buildings that work efficiently and simply, while creating healthy environments for people to live, play, work and visit. Landscape forms a central part of this approach, reinvigorating spaces and using planting as green infrastructure to provide multiple benefits while enhancing the quality of the outdoor environment.

Collaboration is fundamental. We work with clients to identify the most appropriate sustainability solutions for their projects, offering BREEAM and Passivhaus consultancy, while also developing bespoke solutions.

Using robust processes and identifying sustainability strategies from the start, can enable greater efficiencies in how buildings perform in use. We share lessons learnt, and promote and use methods such as Soft Landings and POE (post occupancy evaluation) to support our clients in using buildings better in operation.