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As an organisation certified to ISO 14001 standard, we know that positive change works from the inside out. So we practice what we preach. While we promote and support sustainable design in architecture, we also consider the impact we have on the environment in the day-to-day running of our practice. Sustainability is important to us, whether that be in our design output, or the way we run our studios.

Fine words and enthusiasm are not enough. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact in all our activities, and we work within a considered, proactive framework to raise environmental standards throughout the practice. As part of our certification to ISO 14001, we have a rolling programme for the assessment and measurable reduction of the direct impacts of running our studios and providing architectural services.

We are currently calculating our carbon footprint. A number of initiatives have already been introduced, from low emission minis purchased for pool cars to integrating Webex, a web cam tool that helps us reduce the need for travel and to improve communication between our studios, clients and consultants.

Energy efficiency is a priority across the practice with a reduction of 8% in electricity use since 2009, met through savings in IT, upgrades to lighting, controls and improved staff awareness. We continue to review each of studios, determining which measures are likely to have the most effective payback.

Strong leadership and dedicated staff facilitate this framework. Our sustainability leader, Karen Turnbull, is supported by an EMS champion in each of our eight UK studios, ensuring practice-wide compliance. We also actively support staff pursuing postgraduate studies to MSc level in environmental topics, and we are currently working toward achieving ISO 14001 certification in our Delhi NCR studio.