Siddhant is responsible for the design detailing of all Delhi-based projects and manages quality control of ADP's designs on site.

He has a close attention to detail and often mentors emerging architects within the practice.


Siddhant Jain

Siddhant joined ADP in 2013 and has played an integral role in supporting and promoting the growth of ADP Delhi studio.

His eye for detailing, observational skills and production of information related to projects have enabled him to work directly with clients while helping them optimize their design requirements. He closely monitors the quality control on site. His determination to attain perfection in every tiny detail has made him an ideal mentor for the emerging architectural staff at studio. ‘Teamwork is the best work’ is his motto and he has always ensured that his colleagues work in harmony with each other.

When he is not managing studio and site work, he loves to read fiction books and watch Bollywood movies.





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+91 (0) 11 4130 6106+91 (0) 11 4130 6106


Delhi NCR