18 Jan 2012

The Role of the RIBA Client Adviser

On 19th January, ADP partners Roger FitzGerald and Charles Greenall will be presenting at the Independent School Bursars Association (ISBA) Estate Management Day on the role, and value, of a Client Adviser to independent schools' capital projects.

Roger, who leads ADP's independent school sector, and Charles, the practice's very own Client Adviser and state school strategy leader, will give an overview of the service, and provide feedback from a recent opinion poll ADP conducted of over 20 schools who have utilised an RIBA Client Adviser.

Roger and Charles will be joined by Nichola Mocatta, another Client Adviser and highly skilled schools architect.

For more information about using a Client Adviser, or if you have a challenging project coming up, you can get in touch by emailing us

or telephoning 01865 248045