15 Dec 2011

The Marudyan Society

Rather than sending hundreds of corporate Christmas cards, we prefer to look at more sustainable ways we can give at Christmas time. As a result, we're proud to announce that we have given a generous charitable donation to the Marudyan Society instead, and will be looking for other ways we can support the charity throughout 2012.

The Marudyan Society is dedicated to providing education to the children of parents living below the poverty line in India. Currently working in Old Gurgaon, the Society have opened a school offering sponsored education to over 190 children.

We've chosen to support the Society in their excellent work not least because our experience in delivering educational environments means we have a passionate belief in the importance of education. We're delighted to be able to help an organisation that shares this belief.

Secondly, while we're an international practice, we've always been committed to local delivery. Supporting the Marudyan Society means we get to make a practical, tangible difference to our wider community in Gurgaon - the home of our Indian studio.