26 Jul 2011

Sneak Preview

Take a sneak preview of ADP's latest project for the University of Sussex with a new flythrough.

Recently, the completion of the superstructure of ADP's £20m New Academic Building was celebrated with a traditional "topping out" ceremony on Wednesday 15 June 2011. The University's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Michael Farthing, placed the final bit of concrete at the top of the four storey building, and then commented:

"It's better, I think, than we ever imagined," said Professor Farthing. "You can look at models, but it's only when you go on site that you get a sense of the real scale of it. It's just fantastic. This is going to be a centerpiece of campus."

For those of us who can't be on site to see the new building as it nears completion, ADP has released a new flythrough of the interior, which you can view by clicking the tab above.