28 Apr 2015

Nepal Reconstruction Appeal Launched

Launching the Building schools, saving lives appeal, Robin Cross, Managing Director of Article 25, said:

“The devastating impact of the earthquake in Nepal is a sad reminder of the crucial importance of safe and resilient buildings. And it is a reminder that it is not earthquakes that kill people, but buildings that kill people. When the buildings fail, the social the social and economic life they support also fail. We can’t prevent earthquakes, but we can mitigate their impact. Well-constructed buildings can make the difference between many thousands of deaths and zero deaths.

Once the immediate emergency response effort has been implemented, the developed economies must support a long term programme of reconstruction to provide the people of Nepal with buildings that are sturdy and reduce the impact of future climate events. Article 25 can mobilise design and construction skills from the UK and put them to work where they will make the greatest difference.”

Talking to the Architects Journal yesterday Roger FitzGerald, ADP Chair, who supports the charity by auctioning his artwork at the annual ‘10 x 10 Drawing the City’ event, said:

‘As well as fund-raising, support should be channelled through organisations that are best-placed to provide aid in the most efficient and effective way.For example, we have been strong supporters of Article 25, which is adept at mobilising design and construction skills and applying them to where they can make the greatest difference.’

How to donate

Donations can also be made by text: Text ‘NEPA25’ followed by your donation, to 70070