01 Feb 2018

Delhi Studio Wins Sustainable Design Award

Amrit Farmhouse, designed by ADP’s Delhi studio, has won the prestigious Estate Award in the ‘Most Sustainable Architecture Design – Residential’ category.
The award was received by Eishan Jain, Siddhant Jain and Tanya Shridhar, at the 10th Annual Estate Awards ceremony, which was held this week in the JW Marriot Hotel, New Delhi. ADP was selected from over 500 companies, who were nominated from across India.
The Estate Awards recognise and reward contributions made by real estate brokers, developers, architects and other industry professionals who have played an essential role in the growth of the Indian real estate sector.
The Amrit Farmhouse development provides a residence for the client, a ‘home-stay’ guest house for visitors, and an interpretation centre for people wanting to learn more about environmental and sustainable practices.
A ‘net zero energy’ design has been applied to all buildings. Locally sourced materials, including recycled timber from salvage yards have been used to save transportation costs. The walls of the buildings are thermally insulated, and the buildings have ample natural light and ventilation. The client has provided the farmhouse with an electric car, an electric scooter and an electric bicycle for transportation.
Safe disposal of domestic waste water is addressed through soak pits, which facilitate the disposal, filtration and percolation of waste water into the ground. Greywater is also reused for irrigation purposes.
The client has also adopted a zero plastic products policy, and this is supported by the use of biodegradable utensils, jute carry bags and earthen pots used for cooking and water storage. Energy is supplied by solar panels on the roof. The property also has a kitchen garden, fish pond, hen coop, and goat barn.