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01 NOV 2017

Assembly of McLaren Packaging Facility starts

Construction of a new packaging facility designed by ADP for Scottish manufacturer McLaren is underway at Broadleys Business Park in Stirling.

The family-owned business, which gets much of its revenue from the Scottish whisky market, is developing a unit to offer bespoke packaging designs for luxury Scottish food and drink products. The unit, part of the company’s Blue Box Design subsidiary, will enable the company to meet growing demand, especially in the export market. 

The new 20,000 sqft building will enable the company to design and manufacture packaging all in one place, improving the ‘speed to market’ by reducing the packaging development cycle time from concept to delivery.

Mr McLaren, whose father established the business in 1979, said in The Sunday Herald:“It is a big a move for us as a business – it is one of the biggest investments we have made in the last 20 years. It really demonstrates the confidence in what we are doing just now.

“The business is growing very strongly. We have focused the business around the premium end of the packaging market. We do a lot with the Scotch whisky industry, Scottish food, luxury products, and all those areas are growing significantly.”

The project is due for completion in Spring 2018.