29 Nov 2013

Artwork Fetches Top Price at Charity Auction

We are delighted that artwork by ADP's Chair, Roger FitzGerald, received the top price at a charitable auction last night.

"Brick Lane" a mixed media piece depicting the famous area of London, received £3,000 in the auction, with all proceeds going to Article 25. Article 25 is an operational UK registered charity that designs, builds, and manages projects to provide better shelter wherever there is disaster, poverty, or need. 

The auction formed the culmination of the charity's annual event "10 x 10: Drawing the City London" in which an area of London is divided into a 10 x 10 grid, with the resulting squares being allocated to 100 prominent architects, designers and artists, who came together in the summer to create 100 pieces of work, giving 100 perspectives of London.

This year's event was titled 'Where the Bow Bells Chime' and divided the East side of London up amongst participants. 

The sale of the artworks will raise money for Article 25’s Street Children Centers, starting with projects in Ghana and Kenya. Over the next year, the charity will be helping to provide the necessary infrastructure for enabling children who live on the streets to get back to their families or foster families, schools and communities.