17 May 2017

ADP Wins Design Competition for a Supported Living Centre

The new service is aimed at enabling people to enjoy a greater level of independence and will be run by the national learning disabilities charity, Hft.

Surrounded by farmland in Essex, ADP’s proposed scheme has been designed to make the most of its rural location. One bedroomed apartments with private gardens are arranged around a courtyard, reinforcing connections with the outdoors. This is designed to provide a calming and reassuring environment, which is important for people living with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as some find physical and social contact a significant cause of stress and anxiety. The proposal includes the use of transitory spaces that allows the young people to adapt to changes as they move from one space to another.

Proposals also include, a multi-sensory space where sensory stimulation can be controlled, and free standing seating pods in the courtyard garden, designed to provide enclosed and protective spaces that can further reassure residents. Allotments have also been suggested to promote the value of outdoor activity on mental and physical health.

By using a low energy design approach the building will be designed to follow Passivhaus principles.

Viv Smith, Division Director for Hft, said: “At Hft the people we support are at the heart of everything we do and we believe in delivering high quality person-centred services. The flexible design of this new specialist service, to accommodate easily interchangeable furniture and walls, means each apartment can be designed to suit the needs of the individual so that they can experience greater levels of independence, choice and control.”