16 Mar 2018

ADP’s new Wolfson Centre given go ahead

The new £3m Wolfson Centre for Applied Healthcare Research in Bradford has moved a step forward after receiving planning permission from the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council.

Sitting on the Bradford Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust site, the centre will be co-opted by both the University of Bradford and University of Leeds, who will work with researchers from the hospital.

The Centre is to develop strong multi-disciplinary clinical and academic collaboration in one applied health research building, with the ultimate aim of tackling key questions of health and social care. The focus for the Centre will be looking at three key areas of healthcare research: children’s health, life expectancy, and the standard of care received across the UK.

Echoing modern thinking around research, the Centre contains communal ‘breakout’ spaces for ideas development, as well as the more traditional workspaces. The communal areas will feature more relaxed furniture, encouraging the users to share knowledge.

The materials used externally have been chosen to work both within the existing context and in line with the natural aesthetic suggested by the Wolfson Group. The floorplate is to be created flexibly, making it adaptable for changing needs in the future. The landscaping design will be developed to maintain access routes around the perimeter of the building, as well as offering a simple courtyard.

The two-storey timber-clad building is due for completion in spring 2019.