01 Mar 2017

ADP projects shortlisted for RICS Awards

We are delighted that the Rose Hill Community Centre in Oxford and the Dinwoodie Assessment and Simulation Hub [DASH] in Northumbria have been shortlisted for the RICS Awards. The awards celebrate outstanding built and natural environment projects. 

The Rose Hill Community Centre is the result of an inspiring collaboration between the community and the Oxford City Council, united in delivering residents’ needs. Extensive consultation with local residents and key stakeholders identified the need to provide a building that would encourage greater community usage and generate additional sources of income. Shortlisted in the Community Benefit category, the Rose Hill Community Centre has made a very positive impact on integrating a previously culturally segregated and disparate community.

Shortlisted in the Infrastructure category the DASH at Wansbeck General Hospital, is equipped with the latest technology and patient manikins and provides advanced training for staff and NHS employees from across the region. Simulation-based training is extensively used in the NHS to enable health professionals to practise and gain valuable experience on the most complex situations and procedures in life-like situations to improve skills and patient safety.

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