16 Aug 2017

ADP Delhi wins ‘World Achievers Award’ for Welspun Energy offices

Now in their 7th year, the World Achievers Awards celebrate visionary businesses in India. Welspun Energy is a leader in the renewable energy sector, and ADP’s project was applauded for its sustainable design. The offices have been designed to be energy efficient, and fifty percent of the materials used are recycled.

The design concept focused around the sun, wind, and earth to reinforce the company’s mission and brand. The sun is represented by circular suspended light panels in reception; wind is depicted in wave-form ceiling panels; and natural bamboo flooring portrays the earth. Storage units were designed at various levels to add visual interest, and provide space for books, project models, and awards.

ADP studio director Ranjan Ray, and associate director Eishan Jain collected the award on behalf of ADP, in a ceremony in Mumbai.

Eishan Jain said: “ADP is delighted to win this award. We are committed towards sustainability, both in our design approach, and in the way we run our studio and live our daily lives. This award has strengthened our resolve to be more committed towards sustainable designs and practice in all our current and future projects.”