06 Oct 2015

ADP Celebrates 50 Years

ADP celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with two client events, the first (on the final day of the first 50 years) at the Royal Festival Hall (RFH), on the South Bank, and the second, the following day, in Manchester’s edgy Northern Quarter.

Roger FitzGerald, Chair of ADP, drew a parallel between the “spirit of confidence and optimism” of the era of the RFH and the mid-1960s when ADP was founded, and the same confidence with which ADP is planning for the future “borne out by the fact that in two weeks’ time we will be opening another new studio, this time in Edinburgh”. 

Both events showcased models, photos and videos of ADP’s top past projects as well as a cross-section of current work. The AJ Monograph on “ADP at 50” was launched (published the following day), and a raffle was held to raise money for the first phase of a new school, which ADP is funding for deprived children in India. 

Paul Finch, the leading architectural critic and journalist of the past 40 years, then spoke, referring to the “professional skill and quiet business determination that characterised the practice for half a century” and remarking on “a practice confident in its approach and its own history”.