The ADP Charity Art Exhibitions



Our first Charity Art Auction was a wild success, unearthing creativity across the practice and raising over £3500 for Macmillan and the Marudyan Society.

It might not be a huge surprise that architects have a wealth of creative talent – but even we were impressed by the intriguing, thoughtful and virtuosic artwork produced for our online Charity Art Auction.

Architects from across ADP submitted their original art, inspired by the “ley lines” connecting our seven UK studios. The pieces were then auctioned off, with all proceeds going to our two chosen charities: the Marudyan Society (which funds education for deprived children in India) and Macmillan (a longstanding ADP client giving support to those affected by cancer).

Guests at the Birmingham exhibitionGuests at the Birmingham exhibition

The auction was supported by two exhibitions – one in Edinburgh, coinciding with the Festival on the 23rd August, and the other two weeks later near our Birmingham studio. The artworks were also judged by keen art collector John Burnley, who awarded first, second and third prizes in addition to three commendations. Katie Thompson, Jon Roylance and Nimesh Mistry were all commended for their pieces, inspired by subjects from David Bowie to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Third prize was awarded to John Newman for “Birminghenge”, a striking painting of the “cathedral-like space” beneath Birmingham’s famous “Spaghetti Junction”. Joe Drinkwater from our Edinburgh studio scooped second prize with “The Belinus Line”, a bold, abstract depiction of a ley line running from the northern tip of Scotland down to the Isle of Wight. But it was Louise Morris from our Oxford studio who came away victorious, winning first prize for her exceptionally characterful “Eight Vessels”, each cast by hand and illustrated with one of ADP’s home towns. The form of the vessels was inspired by folded paper – though Louise did note that “they make nice tea cups”.

Louise Morris' "Eight Vessels" Louise Morris' "Eight Vessels"

Steve Evans, guest speaker at the Birmingham exhibition, also donated an artwork for the raffle prize. Drawing on his experiences as a structural engineer, his depiction of a glass staircase combines an impression of lightness and airiness with the solidity of careful linework and structure.

In the end, over £3500 was raised for Macmillan and the Marudyan Society – helping these charities with their invaluable work, while letting loose some creativity and enjoyment. We were delighted to host the challenge and exhibitions, and want to thank everybody who submitted their artwork or placed a bid. And if you missed out? Watch this space: the first ADP Art Challenge doesn’t have to be the last.

Left to right: John Newman, Louise Morris and Joe DrinkwaterLeft to right: John Newman, Louise Morris and Joe Drinkwater



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