MIPIM 2017: In Review


By Graeme Feechan

Now the dust, or sand, has settled on Cannes, what was ADP's first impression of MIPIM?

This was our first foray to the global property conference and the timing felt right. As a top 30 practice, MIPIM provides the perfect opportunity to connect with the commercial property world, but also to make, and reinforce, connections with our strong public sector client base; whether that be local authorities, universities, science parks, or the consultant teams that support them.


London and Manchester were particularly well represented and the confidence of their ‘city’ brands, along with the clarity and focus of their message, was clear. Equally, the Midlands Engine and Leeds City Region had really stepped up a gear, focusing on collaborating rather than competing. Their sense of optimism and opportunity was palpable, and, for Leeds, culminated in a presentation on their bid to become European Capital of Culture 2023.

For ADP, there was a unique opportunity to support key public and private sector clients in the Leeds City Region. Projects in the pipeline at White Rose Office Park, and new work for the University of Leeds were showcased, attracting international investors, agents, developers and funders. Supporting the delegation in 2017, has enabled us to reach out to the civic and commercial arms of this ambitious community, reaching well beyond our traditional client base, and hopefully, create even more opportunity to help build communities. 

Admittedly, with studios up and down the UK, some serious footwork was required to cover the ‘bunker’, beachside city pavilions and the ‘fringe’ events (at least 10k a day is the norm), but at the end of it all, there is a great sense of doors opened, boundaries pushed and connections made – in a way that simply doesn’t and can’t happen back in the UK. Brexit, bah humbug: Cannes-do indeed.



Graeme Feechan

Graeme Feechan

Graeme joined ADP in 2014 and was instrumental in expanding ADP’s
commercial portfolio. Graeme
brings a talent for delivering
high quality architecture that
adds value to the
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